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Recruitment Solutions

According to Indian market survey information, the Indian Manpower Recruitment Services industry has been growing at around 20-25% per year. Currently, recruitment process outsourcing market is worth over USD 4.5 Billion. Some of the most important reasons for the growth of recruitment services are an increase in a number of organisations and businesses need for quality human talent and companies willing to pay a little extra to recruitment companies to identify suitable human resources.

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With over 16 years+ of experience in manpower recruitment services, we have grown over the years to become one of India’s well-known manpower recruitment agencies.

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Our Recruitment Process

HearKen is an experienced staffing and manpower recruitment services firm that can find the best candidate for the best job in terms of fitment. This enables our clients to reduce the candidate's performance turnaround time. It also saves organisations time waiting for the candidate to start producing results. All of these factors have a direct impact on delivery, productivity, and the bottom line.

Long Term Relationship – Satisfied Customers

Our current client list is extensive, and we service 100+ clients at any given time, with new clients joining us almost every day. In addition, our executive search recruitment service can provide you with candidates ranging from entry-level to senior and experienced candidate. This includes candidates with specialised skills as well as those who are hard to find. As a result, the majority of our clients have become brand loyalists.

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